Kyla Knowles

Independent for Port Moody Council

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Originally raised in northern BC, I moved to Burnaby in 1994 to attend SFU, from which I graduated with a Co-operative Education and Joint Major Degree in Political Science, History & French. I discovered beautiful Port Moody in 1996 and vowed to live here one day.

I moved to the Easthill neighbourhood with my now ex-husband in 2013 while pregnant with our second daughter, and I work full-time for a civil infrastructure company based in Burnaby.

Reason for running

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I'm a long-time Council watcher and previously worked for the Mayor & Council in Coquitlam, so I know how City Hall works. I want this city to be affordable for EVERYONE - for my kids, for seniors who wish to remain here, and for anyone who wants to call Port Moody home.

Port Moody is broke. When a city is broke, basic city services, amenities, roads, parks and department response times all suffer. Personal interests and agendas are being put before what’s best for residents. Current leadership is spending without restraint, so now we’re facing budget cuts and tax increases.

I want to use my extensive experience in financial planning, budgeting and governance to get this City back on track.

I ask for your vote on October 15, 2022 to refocus Port Moody on what matters: affordable housing, financial accountability, competent governance, and parkland and climate change initiatives. I want to redirect wasted funds to the parks and city services that matter, while keeping your taxes low.