Callan Morrison

Independent for Port Moody Council

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Callan Morrison is a 23 year resident of Port Moody. He is a small business owner and has been actively involved with civic committees for the past 8 years. Callan is an active volunteer in the community and has been a Lacrosse Coach for the past 7 years with Port Moody Lacrosse.

Callan has served on 6 different civic committees in the past 8 years from his last council run in 2014. He has served on Parks & Rec, Traffic & Safety, Arts & Culture, as well as 2 committees appointed by our current council to help advise them on development applications and community planning.

Callan is a strong believer in providing responsible and smart growth so that our children and our seniors can choose to live in the city they love. We need parks to be expanded and enhanced as we grow to ensure what we love of about Port Moody living is enhanced. Callan is a strong advocate for our local business community and will provide a strong voice for our local economy and will ensure that when development is approved that it provides a vibrant community that benefits an entire neighbourhood, not just those living within it.

Reason for running

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It's time for change on Port Moody Council and our residents deserve a council in which TEAMWORK, COLLABORATION, and KINDNESS are realized by all.

Callan has been actively contributing to the past 2 councils in Port Moody, but our council has never been this dysfunctional. The inability to work together for the benefit of our residents is a disservice to our community and we are missing opportunities to make our residents lives better. On October 15th vote for candidates that are committed to Teamwork, Collaboration, and Kindness and we will have a council that will finally Put Port Moody Residents First!