Meghan Lahti

Independent for Port Moody Mayor

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One of the longest serving council members in Port Moody history, Meghan was first elected to council in 1996. Meghan brings experience and good governance, along with a positive vision to the Mayor's chair.

One of the longest serving council members in Port Moody history, Meghan was first elected to council in 1996. In addition to serving her community as a City Councillor, Meghan is a community volunteer and has numerous interests and accomplishments, including world travel, dog sports, hiking and cycling.

In addition to being a City Councillor, Meghan spent over 16 years working in post-secondary education as an educator, College Director and Provincial Director, for a large private post-secondary institution. During that time, she developed her skills as a regional manager, overseeing several business entities and was responsible for hundreds of employees along with several multimillion dollar budgets. Meghan is the owner and operator of a small business. Meghan’s experience overseeing a multimillion dollar operation and managing a large group of employees, coupled with her experience as a small business owner, provide her with a unique understanding of business and finances.

Reason for running

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Meghan understands the need for experienced leadership at this time. She brings a positive vision to the table and has a reputation for inclusive and collaborative decision making.

I am deeply passionate about my community and want people to be as proud of and engaged in Port Moody as I am.

I want a city that is caring and inclusive!

That means tackling tough issues like affordability. As we strive to find the perfect solution, we need a culture in the City that is always looking for innovative ways to help youth, seniors and families remain part of our community.

It means dealing with emerging issues like social inclusion and finding ways to foster a sense of connection and community, through programs, through built form and a through a vibrant urban culture that honours our lands and waters.

Today we face important challenges –

  • financial sustainability,
  • housing affordability,
  • ensuring that seniors, youth and growing families can keep calling Port Moody home,
  • working to relieve traffic congestion,
  • building cross cultural relationships,
  • climate change and its effects on our natural environment and livability,
  • ensuring for the provision of much needed parks and greenspace.

Now, more than ever, Port Moody needs a Mayor who puts people and community first as we confront these issues.

I am that person!