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Kathy McGrenera

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I bring experience as a small business owner, project manager, single parent, active community volunteer and created 2 NVan Cohousing buildings with 13 affordable units out of 46. I have a Masters degree in education, and am trained as a group facilitator and a bookkeeper.

My small business experience was running a licensed daycare for 12 years. I was a participant in one cohousing project where I still live 24 years later, and project manager for the second recent project just completed last year. I'm hired regularly to to guide groups to reach collaborative outcomes. And I like having my eye on spending and balancing budgets. Oh, and I'm passionate about collaboration, listening, affordable housing, cycling and reconciliation! Thanks for reading!

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I love living in the city of North Vancouver and believe I can contribute useful skills to it's continuing vibrancy as a livable city, and want to work to ensure that NV remains a community where young families, our seniors, our workers, and all can afford to live!

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