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Daniel Anderson

Focusing on the Future

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Teacher, Researcher, Writer

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I am running because an educator's perspective is sorely needed on the board. I believe that public education is one of the few tools we have to foster opportunity in our society.

We all have a shared interest in the health of our public education system. The current economic environment has spread the school board's budget thin. Public education is vitally important because it is one of the few tools that we have to increase opportunity, foster community, and promote critical competencies that will serve our youth for the rest of their lives. I have taught in public, independent and distance schools, supported children and youth in various after-school programs, and conducted peer-reviewed research on the development of adolescents and school staff. My experience has provided me with a well-versed understanding of the education system. If elected, I intend to utilize my experience in board decisions and help ensure that North Vancouver schools invest wisely. The effects of Covid have contributed to an atypical experience for our kids—they are socially disconnected and stressed. In light of this, I intend to advocate for additional mental health resources and more community-building opportunities. Education is also about children's futures. This is why I support focusing on academic programs and extracurricular opportunities that give current students a head start on their post-graduation goals, while also maintaining and improving school grounds for the next generation.

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