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Jullian Kolstee (He/Him) is a communications professional, actor, improvisor, and instructor from North Vancouver. A former student union executive and representative for students with disabilities at Capilano University, he has won awards for his work with Carson Graham Improv.

My CNV candidate profile:

He/Him/His I’m a first generation Canadian, with Chilean and Dutch immigrant parents. My father was a teacher and First Nations counsellor at Carson Graham until he suffered a heart attack that left him brain injured when I was a child. My mother persevered to provide for my brother and I, while comprehensive services and programming offered by North Vancouver School District were lifelines for us through those challenging times. Access to counselling services, extra-curricular programming delivered by volunteers, and supports for my learning disability and gifted enrichment were all integral to overcoming our circumstances. I earned my Bachelor of Communications Studies from Capilano University where I served on the board of the Capilano Students’ Union for three years. Currently I am Culture and Development Strategist for NephroCan, a global medical manufacturing company. I’m also an actor, improvisor, and instructor who has taught and performed at schools across BC and served as director and coach for Carson Graham Improv since 2009. The school district, organized labour, and our community have supported me, and I wish to serve as Trustee in return. I offer my experience as a board member, a former student with a disability, a long serving volunteer, and more.

More biography from my website:

Jullian has consistently been an active leader in his communities, passionately advocating for youth, education, and people with disabilities. His experience as a coach, organizer, and spokesperson have contributed to his effectiveness and confidence as a leader. Jullian graduated from Capilano University with a Bachelor of Communications Studies in 2017. At Capilano he worked for three years on the board of the Capilano Students’ Union first as Accessibility Justice Coordinator, and later as Vice-President of University Relations and Services, and President. Since 2019 Jullian has dedicated much of his time to working for NephroCan, a global hemodialysis manufacturer based in Vancouver. At NephroCan Jullian is responsible for Culture and Development across a diverse and international workforce. In 2018 and 2021 Jullian was a candidate for school trustee in North Vancouver. He brings his skills and philosophy from improvisation to everything he does, making him an adaptive and dynamic member of any team.

Jullian Kolstee began improvising at the age of 13, playing in the Canadian Improv Games for Carson Graham Secondary where he's been head coach and artistic director since 2009. In Vancouver he has trained and performed with Instant Theatre, Blind Tiger Comedy, and Vancouver TheatreSports. He was an ensemble member in four Next Act Festivals in Vancouver and Toronto from 2011-2013, performed with his duo Tenants at the 2014 Vancouver International Improv Festival (VIIF), with VTS at the 2018 VIIF and 2019 International TheatreSports Institute Festival, with Bloodfued Comedy at the 2019 Just for Laughs Northwest Festival and VIIF 2021. Across Canada Jullian has played with Bad Dog Theatre Co (Toronto), Paper Street Theatre (Victoria), Hitchhikers Improv (Regina), DnD Improv (Winnipeg), Crush Improv (Ottawa), and Montreal Improv.

Jullian has taught improv across BC and Canada, including for Young Actors Project since 2010, coaching UBC improv from 2011-2013, and as faculty at Improv University in 2016 & 2017. He has also delivered improv workshops for clients in France, Germany, Hungary, United Arab Emirates, and Turkey. For his work as an improv instructor Jullian has been awarded with the City of North Vancouver Outstanding Supporter of Youth Award in 2013 and the Capilano University 50th Anniversary Alumni Award of Excellence in 2018. For over a decade Jullian has been head coach and artistic director of the Carson Graham Improv program at Carson Graham Secondary in North Vancouver. Competing in the Canadian Improv Games, Carson Graham has qualified for nine consecutive lower mainland finals in that time, and advanced to the national tournament four times earning silver twice in 2016 & 2017.

Reason for running

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I'm running to continue serving my community by bringing my skills and voice to the board table. Trustees should be diverse and representative of our community. The identity and perspective I bring to the board will contribute to our ability to serve North Vancouver.

My family moved to North Vancouver 30 years ago because my father was a teacher here. As a student, the school district provided essential services for myself and my family when we fell on hard times, and I have always felt compelled to be active and engaged in return. I began serving on board committees in the 8th grade in 2004/05 while representing the District Student Leadership Council, and even sat behind the DSLC placard at the board table. Since graduating in 2009 I have volunteered at Carson Graham as Artistic Director and Head Coach of Carson Graham Improv. In 2018 and 2021 I was a candidate for school trustee. For over 25 years I've been engaged in the North Vancouver School District, and in that time I have developed the required skills to serve as Trustee. I am seeking this opportunity because I am passionate about public education and wish to use my time and talent to serve my community.

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