This is a page from the 2022 BC Local General Elections.

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Mike Solyom

Independent for Langley City Council


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I am a married father of two young children. I live in Langley City and plan to raise my kids here and see them flourish in a safe, thriving community. I hold a Master's in Economics from the University of Toronto and teach in Douglas College's Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration as well as Langara's Supply Chain Management program.

I will use my expertise in Cost-Benefit Analysis to ensure your tax dollars are always being put to their best use. With Skytrain coming that means preparing the city for the challenges it will bring: by making public safety a priority, by attracting the right businesses to our downtown core with modernized zoning, all while making sure no one is left behind as our city changes.

I am ready to bring a fresh perspective and ideas to Council to help lay down the foundation for the future of Langley City.