Rudy Storteboom

Independent for Langley City Council (incumbent)
Langley City Council and City staff continue to work with residents and local businesses in planning around revitalizing our downtown while increasing our density and preparing to receive SkyTrain into our community.

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Misc. topics

Platform Overview

I want to build on Langley City Council's success by making the city a vibrant community with practical, affordable services and amenities. I will continue to advocate for workable solutions to serious issues including: 

-housing affordability, 

-housing for the homeless, 

-property tax fairness, 

-care for seniors, 

-better access to public health services and mental health resources, 

-promote diversity,

-managing the opioid crisis, 

-protecting our environment, 

-quick and easy access to transportation options,

-clean parks,

-safe streets,

-affordable recreation,

-stimulating cultural opportunities,

-indigenous relations and deterring crime. Public safety is always a top priority.


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Born in Abbotsford, Rudy Storteboom is the eldest child of Dutch immigrant parents who came to Canada after the Second World War. He has lived, worked and volunteered in Langley City for almost 40 years.

Beside serving on Langley City Council, Rudy is currently part of 10 City committees and is a Director with Metro Vancouver’s Housing Corporation. Also, Rudy volunteers as a Director for the Langley Lodge, the Langley Volunteer Bureau, the Arboretum and Botanical Society of Langley and the Rotary Club of Langley where he adopted Rotary’s guiding principle of “Service Above Self”.

Reason for running

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Rudy has found his purpose in life by serving others. He believes that it is his responsibility to support our democratic society and give back to the community where he lives.

“As a representative for my community and volunteer, I’ve found myself by giving myself away”