Jasmine Jane Naaykens

Independent for West Kelowna Council
Communication between the residents of West Kelowna and myself to create data driven decisions.

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West Kelowna born and raised.
A mother. A small business owner. A support worker. A volunteer and a mediocre soccer player.

It starts with my Great, Great Grandmother.

 When I was a little girl, my grandmother taught me what it meant to find purpose in the community.When she taught me to cook, it was for Meals on Wheels.When she taught me to sew, we made dolls for little girls and boys across the world.When she taught me my moral compass it was to be empathetic, hard working and inclusive. I have many strong women in my life that taught me to live with love and I thank them for that.

When I graduated from Mount Boucherie Secondary, it was apparent to me that I needed to do something meaningful with my career and I chose the field of Human Service Work. It was incredibly fulfilling advocating for the people in our community with DiversAbilities. I learned a great deal and met so many wonderful people in our community. For a large portion of my career I managed a 24/7 care facility. I have had the chance to grow my skills while working with differing opinions to create a stronger quality of life. A skill that I will apply if elected to work for the city.

During this time I became more active as a volunteer. I was a driver for the Food Bank and I made dog beds for the SPCA. I also supported individuals with DiversAbilities with their volunteer positions. This included making applesauce for the homeless and working at the Mission thrift store for the church. 

2017 was a pivotal year for me when my life began to change course. I met my husband and we bought our first home. We ripped it apart and completely renovated it with our own hands. This was a different type of fulfilling feeling than before. We got married and had our beautiful daughter but we weren't finished there. With an inspiration for renovating we purchased another home to do it all again. This is how our small business began. A little property maintenance company called Mom, Dad, & Property. We took what we loved to do and now strive to support our community with their property maintenance needs with the skills we have acquired.

Now I want to do more. 

I have been very fortunate to live my entire life in a community with so many wonderful people. I want to do my utmost with engaging the residents in West Kelowna and advocate for the people that are rarely heard. With a city that is planning on over doubling in population in the next 18 years, I want to ensure that our sense of community stays strong. I want to give everyone a voice and I want to grow together. 

"Growing our Community."

Reason for running

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I am the youngest candidate campaigning for council. My hope is to be a voice for a more diverse demographic.

I believe it takes a village to grow a thriving community. A true and proper City Council should be made up of differing opinions and dynamics that come together to ensure we are accounting for the entire public opinion. My goal is to engage the public in a new and fun way to stay connected with our ever evolving city.

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