There was an election on October 20.

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On VoteMate, you can talk with candidates in local elections in Metro Vancouver, read their profiles, and view their policies.

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VoteMate is here to help you vote in Metro Vancouver

VoteMate is unrelated to any official election organisation, party or candidate. You do not need a VoteMate account to vote in an election.

Talk with candidates

We invite candidates to join VoteMate so that you can ask them questions and give them feedback about their policies.

Candidate profiles

Each candidate in an election on VoteMate has a profile containing more information about them. This information is added by our team, collected from various trusted websites, or added by the candidate or their campaign.

Party and candidate policies

We collect the various policies of each party as well as independents so you can make an informed decision with your vote. You can also vote on policies to help parties and candidates improve them.

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