Ahmed Yousef

Ahmed Yousef

Independent for Maple Ridge City Council

My Plan for Maple Ridge

I am a consensus builder who has the energy, determination, and courage to move Maple Ridge forward and bring progress to the city.

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Good Governance

An open government provides leadership through public engagement. I will consult with residents regularly and be accountable. I support open meetings and releasing council voting records. We need to remember who we work for, who pays our wages, and to whom we must answer.

Community Safety and Security

Crime must be addressed and laws must be enforced consistently and equally for all. Low barrier facilities for drug dependent individuals do not belong in areas with a high concentration of children, seniors, families, and businesses.


We need long term facility plans to keep pace with the residential growth in our community, and to take advantage of sports tourism in our community.


I want to engage our youth so they are invested in the the community and will direct their time and energy to activities that build character and contribute positively to our city.


We need to expand our commercial and industrial development to relieve the municipality’s dependency on residential taxes. Right now our tax base is 93 per cent residential.
Keeping an eye on the bottom line and city spending is one way to keep tax increases at bay.

Development and Overdevelopment

We need to focus bringing commercial and industrial businesses to Maple Ridge. I will work to set policies in place to broaden the tax base, create local jobs, and invigorate our community with expanded services, more shopping, diverse eateries, and lively entertainment.

Small Business

The downtown core is the soul of any community. Beautiful streetscapes, bustling activity and a thriving business sector are part of my vision for Maple Ridge.


Yousef and his wife moved to Maple Ridge almost a decade ago to raise their family. 

He has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a Master’s degree in International Relations. He runs his own business and is a hard-working community volunteer and advocate.

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