This is a page from the 2020 British Columbia general election.

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Individual Liberty Must Be Defended.Fight any law that denies you the right to do what you want so long as it causes no bodily or financial harm to others, and the latter ought to be subject to due process and presumption of innocence.

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Jobs, the Economy, and Affordability

Housing & Homelessness

Climate Change & the Environment


Mental Health, Drugs, & Addiction

Human Rights & Equality

Transit & Transportation

Public Safety

Children, Childcare, & Youth in Care

Indigenous Issues

Resource Extraction & Export


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Policy by Golok Z Buday
Ending shut downs and limitations on business, changing the police act so Mayor's can't hid behind the police board, fight any state entity's abilities to Govern Speech, shrinking Government to lower taxes and use less resources to run large Government.


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Born May 29, 1978. Moved to Constituency in Feb. 1999. A Comedian, Satirist, Entertainer, Visual Artist. Libertarian. Multiple Campaigns for Vancouver Mayoral Race, 2019 Van-East Libertarian Nominee. Now Running for Vancouver-Hastings in 2020 with the BC Libertarian.

Reason for running

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We need a voice to oppose Police Brutality (cause of my bad knee) reasonably, to oppose forced Medical Treatment, to stop the ICBC monopoly and no fault insurance. Defend Freespeech. To not pick winners in business and energy.

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