This is a page from the 2020 British Columbia general election.

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Lower taxes, more choice, limited government, and real freedom for all British Columbians.

The purpose of the BC Libertarian Party is to promote following core principles:

1. That no individual or group is permitted to initiate the use of force or fraud against any

2. That the universal natural rights to life, liberty, property, expression, and the peaceful 
pursuit of happiness are essential to the preservation of civil society.

3. That the role of government is to protect and preserve such rights.

4. That the citizens of British Columbia have the right to defend and be defended from those 
persons or institutions that seek to diminish any of the above principles.

BC’s Story, Our Story

British Columbia has always been a land of freedom and local autonomy. A land of natural beauty and plenty that nourished the growth of indigenous nations that excelled in culture, craftsmanship and wealth. A land that thrived on trade and entrepreneurship as newcomers landed on its shores. A land where hard work, innovation, tolerance, and civility have combined with stewardship of the natural environment to make this one of the most liveable places on earth.

But the values that made BC great are not etched in stone. They require continuous renewal, and the fundamental rights that allow us to exercise these values require constant defending. British Columbians have always moved with the winds of change, but if we don’t hold fast to the values that have kept us strong, we risk being swept away in the storm.

The year of the pandemic is opening the eyes of many citizens to the false promise offered by bigger government. In times of acute crisis, such as the mass shooting earlier this year in Nova Scotia, authorities do little to protect citizens; conversely, in times of slightly elevated risk, governments use all their power to bring life to a halt. Where’s the balance?

It’s not an easy question, but the major political parties all seem to think that another government program is always the answer, and sadly, many voters seem to agree. We know that is rarely the best path, and that our vibrant civil society offers many other organic solutions.

Since 1986, the BC Libertarian Party has run candidates in provincial elections to let voters know that they have a choice other than bigger government and more taxes. We have explained how the private sector and non-governmental organizations can provide public goods, and care for society’s needy better than distant bureaucrats. We have advocated for local communities to be the most important level of government, and reduced power for career politicians in Victoria and Ottawa. Most importantly, we have fought for the fundamental rights of every citizen: life, property, freedom of expression, and the liberty to pursue one’s own vision of the good in peaceful cooperation with others.

More than ever, BC needs a strong voice for liberty, voluntary solutions, and decentralisation of power, and we need your help to be that voice.


Jobs, the Economy, and Affordability

Housing & Homelessness

Climate Change & the Environment


Mental Health, Drugs, & Addiction

Human Rights & Equality

Transit & Transportation

Public Safety

Children, Childcare, & Youth in Care

Indigenous Issues

Resource Extraction & Export