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Kenny Chiu

Kenny Chiu

Conservative candidate for Steveston—Richmond East


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Kenny Chiu is a Richmond community advocate of over 25 years. Using his experiences as a Richmond School Trustee, Richmond Rotarian, and senior software development manager, Kenny has been hard at work fighting for Steveston–Richmond East in Ottawa as your Member of Parliament.

He immigrated to Canada from Hong Kong in 1989, but his love for this country stems from experiences since 1982, as an international student in the Canadian prairies. He remains proud that ‘Canada is the only country' he’s held citizenship in.

As vice-chair of the House of Commons Subcommittee on International Human Rights, Kenny has fought unrelentingly for the rights of oppressed people. Global democracy, condemning the Uyghur, Yazidi and Rohingya genocides, and confronting foreign interference and espionage in Canada, are issues Kenny cares deeply about.

As Shadow Minister for Diversity, Inclusion, and Youth, Kenny has concerned himself with combatting racism, protecting sexual minorities, consulting young people, and building a more inclusive Canada that benefits all.

Kenny has been married for over 25 years. He is the father of two daughters born and raised in Richmond. He is also the loving adoptive father of Nugget, a Havenese Maltese Poodle.