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Mark Morley

Pedestrian infrastructure
Reduce developments,.
Clear and concise communication
Environmental protection

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Born in the maritimes, spent 34 years in the military, now retired. I’m interested in the arts, spent 2 years in theatre arts program after high school. Love nature and walking trails, big proponent of protecting our environment. Bit of a recycling fanatic. Try to reduce my carbon footprint by e-biking to work and home.

I’ve had the great pleasure and privilege of serving my country and with that, seeing our great nation. I’ve also travelled to parts of the world that most tourists wouldn’t see but in doing so, I’ve seen the best in people. People helping people in the most adverse situations. I want to see that sense of community here in Langford. We need more community activities (how about more community centres?) and events that celebrate who we are as Langfordians, as Vancouver Islanders and Canadians.

Reason for running

submitted by the candidate or their team
Langford city hall has lost its sense of purpose. Everything decided on is for development or special interest groups. I want to see Langford become a community again and it starts in the council chambers. This fall I want the opportunity to change the direction of Langford and give a voice to our citizens.