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Tel: 604 864 1346

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Earl Babich

Independent for Mission Council
Polish this diamond of a City until it shines! Make sure policies expand services at an equal rate of population growth and catch up for the mismanagement of our previous 2 Mayors over the past 5 and a half years.


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University Educated in Applied Science from UBC and Business Administration / Spatial Planning from UFV. I have lived in Mission for 32 years and watched the development of most green spaces with no real improvements to the City of Mission BC regarding Education, Recreation, Transportation and Environmental Issues. I have run in the last 4 civic elections informing the public of wasteful spending and corruption now being championed by HS Kenny Braich who is running for Mayor. I do support Ken Herar as the best current Councillor for Mission BC. I wish to join a new uncorrupt team to serve the voters of the great City.

Reason for running

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Eliminate Homelessness, Save Mother Earth, Expand Hospital, Recreation, Transportation Services and Infrastructure. Bring Integrity and fiscal responsibility to City Hall in Mission BC. In addition increase green spaces and parks in the city and do the massive work required to provide housing security to all residents of Mission BC. Every person, especially children, shall have a safe place to sleep each and every night.

Tel: 604 864 1346