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Tim Felger

Independent for Abbotsford Council


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I majored in Environmental Economics at Ohio State University. I started the Domino's Pizza in BC. Public Transportation should be free and unmolested by government to enforce mask mandates, vaccination and Identification requirements.

Voters always want to believe this election will be different, these new guys will keep their promises and things will change. Everything is worst than we are being told, people need to get ready for engineered drought, forest fires, flooding, engineered heat domes, empty shelves, water cuts, rising interest rates, economic depression, electrical blackouts and society collapsing. “We are living in a Bizarro World,” The one thing that is true about climate change and an environmental collapse is that we get a chance to rebuild in God’s image. I am sure that the voters of Abbotsford believe me when I say this time it can be different if I am elected. I will bring the science to the discussion of climate change and I will protect your freedoms and that is a guarantee you can take to the bank.

 I have preserved, protected and exercised my rights to make sure they still work. I have always encouraged the citizen to spark that torch of freedom and vote Tim Felger. Freedom of Speech is not just my right to speak out about issues of concern to the community but it also includes the right of the voter to receive all the information to make an informed decision. My reputation for intellectual integrity and as a fearless defender of Free speech precedes me; I rest on my laurels’. 

I think most government employees and especially Federal Politicians are stuck in behaving in unproductive ways. The Federal politicians have facilitated the problems of climate change and environmental collapse by giving away our sovereignty to the WEF (World Economic Forum). 

 The government and especially Federal Politicians’ use Junk Science and cannot be trusted.

Reason for running

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I would like to see school gardens and exercise programs that include natural medicine and natural healing, and a long term solution to the stewardship of the planet; teach the children about how the forest lives

People will be forced out of their cars with high energy cost, lack of gasoline and lack of charging stations, electrical blackouts, economic depression and starvation, the era of entitlement has ended and the change is already baked into the cake with broken supply chains.  

Many people will lose their homes this next few years.

We need to stop chasing the drug addicted homeless from one side of town to the other. Regulate all drugs, stop arresting the drug addicted homeless and actually take care of the human involved, which will free up about 20 million a year in the police budget. We need a homeless camp in this town to help properly protect the homeless from climate change and reduce their carbon footprint of crime and pollution. Clean Water is a basic human right along with food and protection from the weather. 

People need to really pay attention to their rights now and the rights of the homeless, because those are the rights you will have when this economic reset happens.

Society as we know it is disappearing before our eyes, the forest fires are happening now, the engineered droughts are here drying up the rivers of the world and the local floods will be back in November, the global famine is here. Before society can survive the next 5 years, people are going to have to accept that the age of entitlement is over. They will have to accept a new reality and learn to live in smaller houses, get rid of their cars and ride the public transportation, walk or ride a bike.