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Lyndsey Northcott

Independent for Courtenay Council


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My name is Lyndsey Northcott, and I am pleased to announce my candidacy for Courtenay City Council in the upcoming 2022 election.

As a lifelong British Columbian, born in Vancouver, I moved to Courtney 10 years ago to work with a tremendous staff at the Kingfisher Resort, where I remain to this day.

Now, as a mother, a dedicated professional, and resident of one of the most beautiful communities in Canada, I also feel a responsibility to the community that has welcomed and served my family and I so well.

The Comox Valley has attracted the attention and importation of many new people in just the time I have been here, many of them are young families, and there's no reason to doubt many more people will choose to live throughout the valley, and Courtney in particular the years ahead.

To that end, change is an imperative we can't, and shouldn't ignore if we wish to see development goals that equal the aspirations of a city ripe for growth, and economic successes brought by absolutely essential new blood into our communities, while remaining strongly supportive of those who have been the foundation upon which we stand today.

New development is one of the most difficult challenges facing any community as it moves forward in meeting the challenges of an ever changing demographic, and the Comox Valley is in need of new development dedicated to meeting the needs of our increasingly youthful, family oriented population.

 Wholesome entertainment facilities, sports venues, constructive programs and educational opportunities are in high demand, but slow to implement. I want to change that.

 Public safety is an issue we all must agree has been of concern for some time, and particularly affects our youth, our seniors, and those challenged by disability. I want to change that.

 Housing is another great issue of the day. Especially affordable housing accessible to young families, single parent families, seniors on limited incomes, and those just starting out on the adult road of life. It's bad enough that most young people today will likely never be able to afford to buy a home. Let's not make it worse by denying them a roof as well.

    I am a compassionate listener with a realistic understanding of what can and cannot be done. I also possess a powerful passion for my community, the City of Courtney, and it's surrounds.

    I want to hear from you, learn more from you, and come election day, be honoured with the opportunity to serve a City and community I have grown to love.

   My name is Lyndsey Northcott, and I run for you.

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I want to help my people in my community.