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Heather MacKenzie

Heather MacKenzie

NDP candidate for Edmonton Centre


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Heather MacKenzie is a green business advocate and social entrepreneur who has both her head and heart in Edmonton Centre. Born and raised in Edmonton, Heather and her family have lived and worked in Edmonton Centre itself for over twelve years.

Heather’s work has encompassed everything from running her own small business to working as a government relations professional to her current position as the Executive Director of a non-profit focused on renewable energy. She knows from first-hand experience what matters to working Canadians and small business owners.

Heather also understands the workings of government, the power of activism, and how to get things done. She has served as an elected trustee on the Edmonton Public School Board, earned a master’s degree in International Development Studies, and championed grassroots community development initiatives in Alberta and around the world.

She knows that finding an affordable place to live is one of the greatest challenges facing families in Canada. That is why she helped secure $15 Million for affordable housing to support Indigenous and refugee families in Edmonton and founded the Child-Friendly Housing Coalition of Alberta, which helped end discrimination against children in housing.

Reason for running

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Heather believes that investing in public services like affordable housing, health care and education is essential for building happy and healthy communities.

She is committed to making a difference in Ottawa by fighting to make life more affordable for everyday Albertans and to ensure Canada takes meaningful action on the climate emergency and human rights.