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  • Introduce a "boat-to-plate" traceability programme.
  • Increase investments in small craft harbours by $40 million / year.


  • Create advisory panels to rebuild critical stocks.
  • Increase support for Salmonid Enhancement program.
  • Restore community-led Recreational Fisheries Conservation Partnership Program.
  • Make stock recovery a strategic focus.
  • Combat Seafood Fraud.
  • Create a Modern Aquaculture Act.

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  • Work towards a community-based terminal fishery system on the west coast.
  • Protect, enshrine, and enforce the government's owner-operator and fleet separation policies on the east coast. Put in place stronger seafood labelling rules. Invest in restoration of fish stocks.

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  • Fully implement the co-management provisions of the Oceans Act.
  • Entrench owner-operator and fleet separation policies in the Fisheries Act.
  • Implement the Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans report.
  • Increase funding for research on fish stocks.

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