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  • Create a rapid-response service staffed by social workers, case management counsellors, & peer support workers.
  • Give veterans up to $3k in free counselling before requiring a disability claim.
  • Build new accessible & affordable housing for veterans with an additional $15m/year.

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  • Enshrine a Military Covenant between the government and veterans to guarantee every Veteran is treated with respect and provided timely services.
  • Clear backlog of benefit applications within two years.
  • Create a reliable, dependable pension system.
  • Strengthen transition services.

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  • Fully review benefits, work with veterans to determine the best way to provide fair ones, including equal access to lifetime pensions.
  • Get rid of backlogs and provide one caseworker for every 25 veterans.

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  • Provide support for all veterans.
  • Launch a national re-examination of veterans' issues.
  • Restore periodic payments to pre-2006 levels.
  • Repeal denial of pensions to spouses who married after 60.
  • Update the Veterans Charter.
  • Ensure access to health care, and mental health support.

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