Paige D Petriw

Independent for Port Coquitlam Council

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Paige is a mother, entrepreneur and leader. Her company is one of BC’s top event firms and its office is located in Poco. She serves on the Mayor’s Citizen Advisory Roundtable, and is passionate about advocating for initiatives that bring the brightest future for our city.


Paige is thirty-three years old and has been married to her husband Adrian for eleven years. Together, they have two young boys, River (age 4) and Sterling (age 1), as well as their ten year old golden retriever, Marty McFly.

She’s a lifelong Tri-Cities resident, having grown up in Port Moody with her parents and older sister. She purchased her first home in Coquitlam and lived there for five years. When it was time to look for more space and think about starting a family, Paige and Adrian were drawn to the Fremont area of Poco for its river front setting, nature trails, walkability to commercial amenities, and easy access to Mary Hill Bypass.

As a busy working mom, Paige understands the daily challenges of our community’s young families. She also appreciates how fortunate we are to live in such a welcoming and friendly city. She spends many evenings and weekends socializing with her neighbours on the block while all the many kids play and ride bikes outside.

Paige loves being creative. She’s a published writer and author, a photographer, and graphic designer. In her leisure time she enjoys nature walks along the Traboulay Trail, often with an audiobook or podcast in her earbuds.


Staying active in her local community is an important value to Paige. Through networking and collaboration, she’s built countless relationships with small businesses, leaders, and not-for-profit organizations in the Tri-Cities and beyond. Each year, she and her company sponsor many local charity events each year through in kind services, donations and volunteer hours. 

Paige currently sits on the Port Coquitlam Mayor’s Citizen Advisory Roundtable where she’s continued to build relationships with city staff, consultants and stakeholders. In her role on the MCAR, she provides input and feedback on many of the city’s projects and initiatives. 

She has also worked as a contractor for the City of Port Coquitlam to produce some of the city’s large events.

As a former staff member of the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce, Paige remains an active member of the Chamber and has served on many of its committees over the years. This includes the Tri-Cities Young Professionals Steering Committee, Events Committee, and others. She has also worked as an event contractor to plan and execute many of the Chamber’s annual signature events.

Additionally, Paige has served in various capacities in collaboration with other local organizations and groups, including Share Family & Community Services, Port Coquitlam and Coquitlam Firefighters Charitable Societies, Crossroads Hospice Society, Coquitlam Foundation, Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation, Talitha Koum Society, and others.

Through her local community work, she’s also established many relationships with ongoing large sponsors and community stakeholders.


Paige’s journey as an entrepreneur began at twenty-three years old when she started her business, Spotlight Events. Raised in a family of small business owners, she was already intimately familiar with the ambition, hard work and dedication it takes to grow a business. 

Today, Spotlight Events is an award-winning company recognized among British Columbia’s the top event firms, providing planning, design, consulting, and marketing services for a variety of types of events. Paige’s work has received national attention through a variety of publications, and she regularly contributes to media outlets as an event industry expert. She’s proud to have her company’s office located right here in Port Coquitlam.

In 2022, she co-founded the BC Wedding and Event Industry Association in response to the devastation experienced by the event sector across the province. Through this role, she led advocacy efforts, facilitated industry-government relations, and helped to establish the BCWEIA working committee. 

Passionate about leadership and business, Paige works to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs through mentorship, speaking, and community. She’s a small business mentor with Futurpreneur Canada, where she supports new business owners through their start-up phase. She’s also worked closely with the global network, Boss Talks, to establish their Vancouver-Whistler chapter among the female entrepreneur community in our region.

Paige is a published author. Her work is featured alongside seventeen other female authors in the book, The MomBabes: A Motherhood Anthology Volume 2, released in May 2022.

With entrepreneurship in her blood, Paige has pursued many other passion projects and side hustles over the years. Currently, she’s also the Creative Director for PS Collective Studio, a company she co-founded alongside her sister. Together, they specialize in digital marketing, brand photography, content and strategy for small businesses.

Paige was a recipient of the Tri-Cities Chamber Young Professionals 2018 Top to Watch Award, alongside then-Councillor Brad West. She’s also been a Finalist for Young Professional of the Year at the annual Chamber Business Excellence Awards, and nominated for this award several years in a row.


As a true visionary, Paige believes nothing is too big to accomplish. She’s motivated by the endless potential of building something from the ground up. Her ability to think critically and challenge the status quo allow her to see new ways of doing things. She has an acute eye for detail, identifying areas for improvement and implementing creative solutions. Paige’s drive and ambition are pillars to her success in her career.

Through her work in producing large and small events, Paige is highly experienced in leading large teams; managing budgets and complex logistics; anticipating issues; and seeing the larger picture. Her ability to build a gratifying team atmosphere is a large contributor to her success as a leader. She’s fueled by the collaborative energy and relationships that form when people connect over a common goal. 

She believes it’s imperative to let everyone’s views be heard. Disagreeing at times is inevitable, but being able to engage in open, respectful discussion is essential. She’s seen time and time again that we as people are more alike than we are different.


Paige is fiercely passionate about supporting mothers and women in business. She appreciates the unique obstacles that women face as leaders and believes in the importance of unity when it comes to moving their voices forward. She advocates for breaking down gender bias in the workplace and creating flexible employment opportunities that allow young parents to care for their children without having to exit the workforce.  

Accessibility and neurodiversity are two related causes that are deeply personal to Paige. Her oldest son was diagnosed with autism at age three, and her work to advance awareness and acceptance for the neurodiverse community is just getting started. Shortly after her son’s diagnosis, through research and engagement with professionals in the field, she discovered at age thirty-two that she too is neurodivergent. She knows that educational opportunities and further research are pivotal to break through stereotypes and create a more inclusive and accessible society for all.

Mental health has long been an issue close to Paige’s heart. As an adolescent she endured her own challenges, and she knows many close friends and family who have endured theirs. She believes in the importance of normalizing the struggles we all face throughout life, talking openly about mental health concerns, and eliminating the stigma. She advocates that mental health is health, and it should be prioritized in the same way other healthcare is.

Women’s health is another area Paige works to raise awareness for. She’s an “endo warrior,” having been diagnosed with endometriosis by laparoscopic surgery after nine years of suffering from symptoms. By sharing her story, her goal is to help educate women and healthcare providers about the many overlooked and misdiagnosed women’s health issues.

Paige also has a heart for society’s most vulnerable. She sees the need for humanizing those experiencing homelessness, addiction, abuse, incarceration, and poverty; and to place an emphasis on support programs and rehabilitation to help them reach their full potential.

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Millennial women—specifically business owners, mothers and leaders—have a powerful voice in our community. It's time this voice be represented on Poco's city council. Diversity in age and demographic among council members is imperative to bring the viewpoints of all residents.