Nicole S Huitema Read

Independent for Chilliwack Council
Chilliwack's rapid growth presents both challenges and opportunities. I've served task teams dedicated to Poverty Reduction, Food Security, Mental Health Awareness & Transportation Innovations. This hands-on work has provided insight to our social issues and infrastructure needs.

Misc. topics


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I am the General Manager of Community Futures South Fraser, an organization that works collaboratively with Chilliwack’s Economic Resource Network. Our group has injected millions of dollars towards the growth of Chilliwack, helping make the city a great place to live and work.

Reason for running

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I am a lifelong Chilliwack resident. I grew-up in a large family working on my parent’s dairy farm. My husband and I have raised two daughters here, and owned many local businesses. I love this city, and I believe in its strength of community to provide, support, and progress.