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Jared Mumford

Independent for Chilliwack Council


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My name is Jared Mumford and I was born and raised in Chilliwack. I am a father first, and a volunteer second. I am the elected Chair of the Board of Education and volunteer throughout Chilliwack in various non profit organizations. My platform

As mentioned, I am a father first, and a volunteer second. I have served Chilliwack as an elected Trustee to the Chilliwack Board of Education for 4 years (current Chair), and I am Co-Chair of Chilliwack Healthier Community along with Mayor Popove. I also volunteer as Vice President of the Downtown Chilliwack Market Society, Vice President of Restorative Justice & Youth Advocacy, as a member of the Chwk Park Society, Chilliwack Food Council and with the Seniors Resources Society as a Snow Angel (with my sons).

Reason for running

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Serving our 30 public schools and 15000 students and staff has been an opportunity of a lifetime. I believe strongly that my governance and volunteer experience will make me an incredible asset to council and our community.

In 2016 I was volunteering a lot in schools, and ended up being a PAC president, and then a DPAC executive. I ran for the board of education after realizing that I was more apprised of what was happening in my sons' schools than many other candidates. After winning a seat, I worked hard to understand that role for about two years and my volunteer opportunities expanded significantly. While I still have a passion for youth and our schools, my volunteerism in food security, affordable housing and green projects attracts me to a position where I can augment that work and serve the community better.