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Debora Soutar

Independent for Chilliwack Council
All my policies consider the environment and the community as a whole. My goal, if elected would be to make Chilliwack the leader in climate action.

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I am a retired professional forester who is running for City Council on October 15th . I ran in 2018 and found the process to be highly rewarding and I'm still concerned about many of the same issues such as climate, housing and agriculture.

I believe strongly in the importance of education and am an active member of the P.E.O. Sisterhood. I recently obtained a Bachelor of Integrated Studies at the University of the Fraser Valley with a Wetland Conservation theme.

I am very active in the community and serve in a leadership position for several non profit organizations including: Rotary Club of Chilliwack, Fraser Valley Watersheds Coalition, Cheam View United Church, and Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve Society.

With my husband Bill, I raised three sons and now enjoy spending time with four grandchildren. I love hiking, kayaking and gardening. I always enjoy sharing nature with my community and can be found leading interpretive walks around the City.

Reason for running

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Climate change is our biggest priority, followed by affordable housing. Municipalities have the authority and ability to implement initiatives that will make a big difference.

At the municipal level, we can mandate a requirement for a percentage of affordable housing. We can protect and enhance our urban forest canopy. We can provide financial support for climate-friendly building conversions.