Darren Ollinger

Independent for Chilliwack School Board
Existential Social Success. To prepare the student competently for further study or the workforce.

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Let me tell you a little bit about myself: I am a rightwing financially conservative Catholic man and a GodFather of one.

I have been living in Chilliwack since 1998 when I moved back home from abroad and have been attending at the University part time since then. So far I have academically earned a Diploma in General Studies and more recently, a Certificate in Records Management, and am currently pursuing a Certificate in the practice of Journalism.

In augmenting my studies, I have logged ten years in broadcast experience with UFV’s radio station CIVL hosting JazzPlus. Additionally, I have been applying my knowledge in the volunteer practice at Saint Mary’s Parish as Librarian for the last five years. In examination of my philosophy of librarianship: at the Parish and in my home, is the art of scrutinizing to determine the collective works in the library. It is much easier to serve the Pope than a hybrid collection of both the spiritual and the secular (as his yoke is an easier one). Such as that like Aristotle’s measure between the two extremes is the happy medium, and applying judgement through scrutiny in my music library in particular, the philosophy of broadcast filtering out the pernicious and to use the music playlists to teach. Hence, performing the duty to the parents much like the Parents Music Resource Center (PMRC) in the USA. The bottom line, is that I am an avid audiophile with a passion for music.

Likewise with regard to the University’s library, as one of my Philosophy Professors said, I quote “there is no shortage of good books to read,” and further I might add, there is no shortage of books not worth reading. So then, I have a vested interest to what belongs in the public school system’s library drawing upon those influential works read in my time at the Chilliwack Senior Secondary Public School.

NB. I have a doppleganger nemesis named Darren Ollinger from Calgary on Social Media who is punk rock. That is not me, I am the jazzman from CIVL at UFV.

Reason for running

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Existential Social Success preparing the student for further post secondary study or the workforce

Briefly, my platform includes the philosophy of 1) What the parents expect that their children might be exposed to both in the curriculum and in the library. Next, 2) Budget analysis and accordingly, expenditures balanced on the mix ratio of teachers and support staff (guidance counsellors, psychiatrists, and social workers). Considering what is reasonable to expect from the teachers who might be asked to perform support staff functions and extracurricular activities and being compensated for through their pay cheque. In addition, 3) Providing accessible resources for individual requirements where the needs of those students with similar ability; and there are three of those groups involved: the enriched, the average, and the challenged who have different needs necessary though one in these groups is no more important than the other. And last but not least, 4) Preparing the student for further study and work based on their personal ability. Some may choose not to attend post secondary, and subsequently should be fitted with in the community a job matching their skills and abilities of competence. Others may choose to study either at home or abroad.

So, then to educate students with a sense of purpose and ethic; for example in software design and development such is the difference between writing payroll code as compared to, say that like one of my Comp Instructors said “ to write bloodshed software like the programming of the X-Ray machine at the dentist’s chair,” and to write code for the automotive industry’s programming of smart cars to choose the least amount of harm in a potential collision. That is, to give the student actual scenarios rather than teaching theory without application in the trades and at college and university. So as to take an interest in the student and find out what it is that they are good at and encourage them to pursue it.

In closing then, we need to give the students something to look forward to in their future other than living on the streets and sleeping on the sidewalk.