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Teri Westerby

Independent for Chilliwack School Board

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My name is Teri Westerby and I am asking for your vote for Chilliwack School Board Trustee.

I grew up in the Fraser Valley and have lived in Chilliwack for the past eight years, and throughout that time, I have worked to create positive change.

As your trustee, I will dedicate myself to creating spaces for open dialogue and amplify the voices that need to be heard – of teachers, students and their caregivers.

Teachers need an ally in the district who will help them create safe learning environments that are built to work for all students and their unique learning styles, so every student succeeds.

I will lead with empathy and compassion. I strive to create a sense of community where folks of all backgrounds can come together and feel like they belong.

I have learned that Chilliwack wants to move forward. That people are willing to work together to make progress for our community. Are you ready to move forward, together, Chilliwack?

I ask you to vote for me, Teri Westerby, for Chilliwack School Board Trustee on October 15th.

Reason for running

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I know that I can make a difference in Chilliwack by amplifying the voices of the students, their caregivers and the teachers of the district. I will use my leadership skills to communicate effectively and push for the community’s needs.

I repeatedly hear stories about students being bullied and excluded due to their differences. Students in the district are underserved, and teachers are unsupported. When that happens, education suffers. I can no longer sit back and hear these stories; I will be stepping up for the teachers, the students, their caregivers and their families.

It’s time to work harmoniously and move the Chilliwack school district forward, together!

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