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Jenn Comazzetto

Independent for Vernon School Board (incumbent)


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I have a student in Gr 5 in French Immersion. 20 year resident of Vernon.

Jenn Comazzetto is running to be re-elected as a school board trustee for Vernon. She’s the only member of the board with kids enrolled in the district, and she’s Vernon’s only trustee who has a full-time job (as an industrial upholsterer). These perspectives help keep the focus on a harmony between parents and school staff when it comes to student success. “Empowering teachers and supporting parents is key to the engagement & education of our students”.

Last term she was instrumental in core successes including: Saving money by upgrading to electrified buses, reducing wait-times for student assessments, ensuring the air and water quality of the facilities, expanding the hardship policy, working out revenue neutral busing for programs of choice, hiring additional classroom educational assistants, partnering with early childhood educators, and expanding relations with OKIB.

Balancing efficiency with resiliency, championing transparency & accountability, Jenn has been depended on to chair the policy review committee and has been at the vanguard of the transition to the new administration. She’s voted against a pay-raise for trustees, been part of limiting travel expenses, and pressed to have all votes on the record at meetings.

School board governance is in her blood. Her grandfather, Martin Zacharias, was a school trustee in Sk half a century ago and was personal friends and a supporter of Tommy Douglas, the Father of

Medicare. She sees quality education as a core public utility like roads, healthcare, power & water, or emergency services. “Having students succeed strengthens us. The ability to adapt to, have a healthy influence on, and be productive in our world is what makes Vernon thrive”.

She continually endeavors as a grounding influence, adding to the professional operations of the board’s oversight of our school district. When done right it’s not a small amount of work but well worth it in her opinion. When asked about her approach she says “Apathy costs too much”.

Please vote on either Wed Oct 12that City Hall, Thurs Oct 13that City Hall, or Sat Oct 15th at the Rec Centre. Fulton, or VSS. Polls are open 8am to 8pm.

If you live in Regional District B or C you can vote for School Trustee at the School Board office Wed Oct 12, Thurs Oct 13 (4-8 only) or Sat Oct 15. Polls are open on Wed & Sat 8am to 8pm.

Reason for running

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Apathy costs too much.

Our students are a significant part of our community. We have the best opportunity to impact our community and the future through our students.