This is a page from the 2022 BC Local General Elections.

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Vanessa Mitchell

Independent for Vernon School Board


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Vanessa Mitchell is one of three generations to have attended school within SD22. As a single parent who has raised two young adults, she is familiar with the pressures parents face while navigating the bussing system, arranging after-school care, managing the financial stresses, and balancing parent-teacher relationships and homework, while keeping children healthy and safe.

Vanessa brings strategic and operational leadership from within the realm of health which includes education planning, policy development and implementation in cultural safety and anti-racism. Her philosophy of “hard work and heart work” is the driving force behind all the energy she gives both her community and career.

Reason for running

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Vanessa wants to be part of shaping a future where our collective children and grandchildren can receive an education that is equitable, inclusive, and safe.