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Colleen Evans

Independent for Campbell River Council (incumbent)

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I’m a well vetted senior executive with proven leadership skills. VP Alberta College Art & Design, Red Cross , Heart & Stroke Foundation, small business owner and 8 years CEO Campbell River Chamber. I’ve served 8 consecutive years on Council.

My professional experience working as a senior executivein business, education and public service non-profits has anchored me in clear decision-making and respectful collaboration, so vital to leading Campbell River forward.I’m a tireless advocate for promoting Campbell River andhave a solid understanding of how Campbell River is changing, what our challenges are and the opportunities that lie ahead. As a long-standing community volunteer, I’ve held board leadership positions on diverse local nonprofits across Campbell River giving me a clear understanding of governance and policy development and how to build strong and effective partnerships. These are the experiences I bring to my role as Councilor.

I know from my close connection to many of you that the last few years have been challenging on families, friends and businesses and you welcome a more balanced time, as Campbell River evolves. I see the effects of these changes and the opportunities they present for our city. I bring my positive leadership coupled with extensive professional experience to find creative solutions for taking action on the issues and opportunities we face as a growing community and clarity to the concerns that are affecting Campbell River lives and livelihood.

In conversations I had throughout our community, I’ve heard inspiring reasons on why you choose to live and invest in our city and I’ve heard the issues and priorities that matter most to you and your families. I will bring these forward to take action on so community voices can be represented and heard:-Fiscally prudent financial management for long-term stability;

-Safe and inclusive spaces to live, work and play in with a community safety and well being strategy so residents feel safe in their community and crime is reduced and an activated and safe downtown core with appropriate levels of cleanliness and security;

-Attainable and affordable housing with municipal zoning changes to allow for diversity across the housing spectrum including secondary suites and multi-generational housing; options for all stages of life with housing infrastructure and services to meet the needs of a growing population and sustainable community development for efficient land use;

-A resilient local economy that attracts investment, workforce and residents and welcomes newcomers so all can fully participate in the economic prosperity that will result from a growing city and economy; with certainty and predictability for investors, business and resource sectors of forestry, aquaculture and mining;

-Climate change adaptation to protect our environment and support the health and well being of our citizens with infrastructure that’s resilient and adaptable to climate change;

-Valuing arts and culture by creating more opportunities to expand and support initiatives that showcase our uniqueness, creativity, culture and new media;

-Supporting our most vulnerable residents with fact based data to understand homelessness, address challenges and target solutions so we can build bridge across issues that divide us and advocate with governments at all levels for resources.

Reason for running

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I want to continue to do all that I can to address the issues that matter most to Campbell River residents and families. I bring skills, experience and steadfast leadership for positive impact.