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Cole Hickson

Independent for Kamloops School Board


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As a 26-year-old graduate of our K-12 system and TRU, with a degree in political science & economics, I bring proven experience and a young, community-focused perspective.

I was a four-time elected TRU Students’ Union representative and led some of the most ambitious campaigns in our university’s history. Uniting universities around BC and engaging our regional community from Clearwater to Logan Lake and everywhere in-between presenting to any council, non-profit, NGO, and business that would welcome us. 

Through connecting economics with community engagement, we succeeded in communicating the need for fair funding and accessibility across political lines, with our work appearing in several tripartisan provincial budget recommendations (2017, 2018, & 2019)—all years I was lobbying government—by the Select Standing Committee of Finance and Government Relations. 

After university, I worked for the Kamloops and District Chamber of Commerce before moving on to my current role as the Communications and Engagement Coordinator at the Bob Gaglardi School of Business and Economics (TRU). These experiences gave me a strong understanding of our regional economic, social, and political needs. Moreover, they highlighted the necessity of engaging our students with hands-on, experiential education and social/civic opportunities. 

My peers recognize and respect me as a person who will do the work, speak the truth, and always hear any concerns put forward. This is what I bring to SD73.

Evidence-based, data-driven approaches that involve working with students, parents/guardians, teachers, and the broader community is how I expect us to achieve success.

Reason for running

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We need schools built, more hands-on opportunities for students, improved safety and student supports, increased community engagement, and effective political advocacy.

We have community problems that I want to solve with community solutions.

In my tenure at the students union, I was able to unite the faculty, staff, and students at TRU, engage our entire regional community, inspire a coalition of student unions from around BC, and receive tripartisan support on a number of simple, articulate, data-driven messages that benefited everyone.

Ultimately, we saw results. 

This is how I want to address our SD73 priorities.