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How to vote in the New Westminster election

How to vote in the New Westminster election

  1. We'll walk you through things, step-by-step. Make sure to fill out everything you can!
  2. Then, we'll draw up your full plan to vote. You can print it, save it as a PDF, or have us send you a reminder text!
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Change municipality?

Can you vote?

Check every box that applies to you:

You can vote in the New Westminster election!
If you own property in New Westminster, you may still be able to vote in their election.
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You can't vote yet, but if you're 16 or older, you can still register with Elections BC as a future voter.

Are you registered to vote?

If you're not registered, don't remember registering, or are registered at an old address, you can still register at the polls.

What are you voting on?


The Mayor leads Council, and is the head of municipal government.

They direct municipal officers on behalf of Council, represent Council at ceremonies and in meetings with other organisations, and chair Council meetings as a voting member.


City Council represents the short- and long-term interests of the community. Council votes on bylaws and resolutions on subjects such as:

  • Zoning and building permits (what can be built where)
  • Budgets (how the municipal government spends money it collects)
  • Regulatory matters
  • Municipal services, like the fire department or trash collection
  • Property taxes and other fees

You elect 6 councillors.

School Board

The School Board makes decisions to do with schools, like where resources will be spent, creating new programmes, and school policies. You elect 7 school board trustees.

Who are you voting for?

We'll help you decide with 3 easy steps!
Hey, we know New Westminster's candidate list is pretty long. But if you take it bit-by-bit (we'll help you through it!), you can find the candidates who best fit your worldview!

Step 1: Review the candidate profiles

Step 2: Shortlist the candidates you like as you go

Use the Add to shortlist button in the top-right of any profile.
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Step 3: Come back here and choose your picks

We'll show you your shortlist so you can pick who from it you'll vote for.

Need another look?


Chuck Puchmayr
Patrick Johnstone
Community First
Ken Armstrong

Your pick for New Westminster Mayor (up to 1)

Add candidates from your shortlist above. Your picks stay on your device.


Daniel K Ampong
Ruby Campbell
Community First
Chinu Das
Community First
Tasha Henderson
Community First
Bereket Kebede
Community First
Jaimie McEvoy
Community First
Nadine Nakagawa
Community First
Karima Budhwani
Rick Folka
Daniel Fontaine
Jiayi Li-McCarthy
Paul Minhas

Your picks for New Westminster Council (up to 6)

Add candidates from your shortlist above. Your picks stay on your device.

School Board

Marc Andres
Community First
Dee Beattie
Community First
Gurveen Dhaliwal
Community First
Maya Russell
Community First
Elliott Slinn
Community First
Cheryl Sluis
Community First
Kathleen Carlsen
Danielle Connelly
Teo Dobre

Your picks for New Westminster School Board (up to 7)

Add candidates from your shortlist above. Your picks stay on your device.

When and where will you vote?

Voting is over for this election.

Are your friends voting?

Help spread a little democracy! Do one of the following:

Why we're asking you to spread the word

If we want to keep our democracy, we have to use it, even when what we're voting on is (seemingly) really small and local. Municipal elections have a pitifully low turnout... But you — and the people you know — can change that!

Your plan to vote




What to bring

If you're already registered, you don't need ID to vote in New Westminster.

  • If you're not sure if you're registered, best bring ID anyways.
  • If you're registered, but your registered address or name is incorrect (usually because you've moved or updated your name since), you will need ID.

2 pieces of ID, proving who you are and where you live:

  • At least 1 piece should have your residential address
  • At least 1 piece should have your signature

If neither piece of ID has your address, you may make a solemn declaration instead.

Be on the safe side: Bring extra ID if you can.
Examples of acceptable ID
Show examples of acceptable ID
  • BC CareCard
  • BC Driver’s License
  • BC Identification Card (BCID)
  • BC Services Card
  • Birth certificate
  • Canadian passport
  • Certificate of Indian Status
  • Credit/debit card
  • Monthly report form (HR0081) from the Ministry of Social Development and Poverty Reduction
  • NEXUS card
  • Property tax notice
  • Statutory declaration/sworn affidavit
  • Student card
  • Utility bill (electricity, natural gas, water, telephone or cable services)
  • New Westminster Public Library card
  • Citizenship card
  • ICBC owner’s certificate of insurance/vehicle license
  • Income tax assessment

Your pick for New Westminster Mayor

Chuck Puchmayr
Patrick Johnstone Community First New Westminster
Ken Armstrong New Westminster Progressives

Your picks for New Westminster Council

Daniel K Ampong
Ruby Campbell Community First New Westminster
Chinu Das Community First New Westminster
Tasha Henderson Community First New Westminster
Bereket Kebede Community First New Westminster
Jaimie McEvoy Community First New Westminster
Nadine Nakagawa Community First New Westminster
Karima Budhwani New Westminster Progressives
Rick Folka New Westminster Progressives
Daniel Fontaine New Westminster Progressives
Jiayi Li-McCarthy New Westminster Progressives
Paul Minhas New Westminster Progressives

Your picks for New Westminster School Board

Marc Andres Community First New Westminster
Dee Beattie Community First New Westminster
Gurveen Dhaliwal Community First New Westminster
Maya Russell Community First New Westminster
Elliott Slinn Community First New Westminster
Cheryl Sluis Community First New Westminster
Kathleen Carlsen New Westminster Progressives
Danielle Connelly New Westminster Progressives
Teo Dobre New Westminster Progressives

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