Work with the community to explore a solution for QB infrastructure improvement, work with all stakeholders to improve transit in neighbourhoods that are underserved, and deepen partnerships with local organizations and community groups.

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Bereket Kebede (he/him/his) is a community organizer who has lived in New Westminster for the past seven years. He was born and raised in Ethiopia and currently lives in the historic neighborhood of Queensborough with his wife and children. Bereket is a strong advocate for public transit as vital to urban growth and environmental sustainability. 

He is the former president of the Ethiopian Community Association of BC, the former director of the Co-op Community Radio, and the Executive Director of the Ethiopian House Project. He also serves on the African Canadian Soccer and Cultural Association board and the Chartered Professional Accountants of BC board. Bereket is excited about promoting New Westminster’s rich cultural diversity and beautiful parks. One of his favorite places is the perimeter trail of Queensborough, where he and his wife enjoy evening strolls.

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Bereket is running for New Westminster City Council with the Community First New West Team. He is committed to bringing communities closer together and profoundly cares about highlighting underrepresented voices. Bereket is an avid community organizer and volunteers with many local organizations. Bereket works for TransLink and has a strong background in complex transportation issues.