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Jordan Proctor

Independent for Kamloops Council
My policies surround public safety, housing affordability, and the overall liveability of Kamloops.


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As both a journeyman roofer and key cog in the Kamloops mountain biking community, I hope to be a voice that represents numerous perspectives within the city.

I moved to Kamloops from the Lower Mainland in 2014 on a whim, chasing an outdoor lifestyle and the dream of affordable housing. While I've managed to achieve both of these goals, I worry that Kamloops is becoming less and less accessible. I would like to work in service to the community to help restore Kamloops' liveability.

Reason for running

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I have serious concerns about public safety and housing affordability. I would like to address these issues through enforcement of bylaws and more progressive zoning strategies.

As a foreman at Alpha Roofing and Sheet Metal, I need to balance the well being of my crew while producing enough work to make the project profitable. To me, that perfectly describes the role of the municipal government in relation to the community. To the best of my knowledge I am one of, if not the only, 9-5 blue collar workers on the ballot. This gives me a practical perspective that may be lacking in others.