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Erica Beard


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A lifelong Delta resident, Erica Beard is a passionate advocate for healthy and active communities where families can thrive. She is a registered nurse with experience in a wide variety of healthcare fields including clinical practice and education.

In 2018, she was elected to the Delta School Board with the Achieving for Delta team on a commitment to being a voice for young families. Erica has spent the last four years listening to the community, strengthening relationships, taking feedback to heart and passionately representing the best interests of Delta.

In her free time, Erica enjoys staying active, hiking and hosting game nights with friends and family. You’re likely to run into Erica, her husband Jordan and their two young daughters at a community event accompanied by their dog Dexter.

Reason for running

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She is running for re-election to continue to build on the board’s achievements over the last four years and continue to advance key priorities, including improving accessibility, inclusivity and health and wellness of the school environment.