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Andrea DeWolff

Independent for Delta School Board
My goal if elected for School Trustee in Delta is to ensure all students have the supports they need to succeed within the public school system. I believe the current lack of support in the classroom is having a negative effect on all students.

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My name is Andrea DeWolff and I am a mom of 3 and proud to be raising my children in the same beautiful community I grew up in. I am a dedicated volunteer for many local sports groups and I work in the community inclusion sector for a non-profit organization in Ladner.

I am a strong and passionate person who will dedicate all I have to the position of school trustee.

Reason for running

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I believe all students deserve and have the right to an education within the pubic school system that strives for excellence. I am advocating for students of all learning styles to have access to the supports they need.

I believe our current allocation of resources and funds is not putting our students first and I would like to work towards doing better for our community. Excellent education in our classrooms is the best investment for the future of our community.