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Nick Kanakos

IWY for Delta School Board (incumbent)


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My name is Nick Kanakos and I running for re-election for my fourth term as a Delta School Board Trustee. I was first elected as a Trustee in 2011 and re-elected in 2018. I bring a wealth of experience to the role of Trustee.

I am a retired Delta Teacher. I taught for thirty-three years at North Delta Secondary and I have deep roots in the community. My wife Jeannie is an elected Municipal Councilor in Delta, and we have lived in North Delta over 35 years.  Our four children attended Delta Schools.  

I believe that I have the experience necessary to help guide our school district. I believe that we have an excellent school system, and I would continue the hard work it takes to make the school district the envy of the province. I have viewed the role of school trustee as a long-term commitment.

Over the past eleven years as a Trustee in Delta, I have gained a depth of knowledge as to the majority of policies, regulations and procedures implemented by the board. I am aware of staffing concerns, funding issues and parental concerns. While a trustee in the district, I have been the board representative on the following: Delta Youth Activity Council, Emergency Preparedness Committee, Indigenous Enhancement Committee, British Columbia Public Schools Employer’s Association, and the board Audit Committee. This coupled with my teaching experience have given me an advantage as a school trustee.  I understand the system from the “inside out”. 

My lifelong commitment has been to provide the best quality education for the students of Delta. I have worked with the parents, teachers, support staff and administrative staff to ensure a quality learning experience in the Delta School District. I look forward to hearing and addressing concerns parents have regarding the education of their children. Education is a partnership relationship. My door will be open and I will work with you to provide the best education possible for our children.

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As a current Trustee, a former teacher in the Delta , and as a parent of four children who attended Delta Schools, I bring a wealth of experience to the position of Trustee. I will continue to ensure that every child in Delta reaches their full potential. KIDS MATTER