This is a page from the 2022 BC Local General Elections.

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Eileen Buchanan

Independent for West Vancouver Council


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submitted to West Vancouver's elections office by the candidate

In June, a truck pushed a child into a gutter, where she wobbled toward the tires, on a designated bike route, in an area of homes and families. Why?

After 3 months of investigation, our issues are not ‘NIMBY vs Development’ or an art gallery. They include traffic, costs, safety, children walking / cycling to school, climate, infrastructure, taxes, health, equity, community, affordability, neighbourhood & business health. 

I am running because this is no longer a matter of priority. We have to move forward on everything, urgently, listening together, testing, using every resource we can muster, and contributing globally while we do it. 

We raised 4 children here and cared for 2 elderly parents. I am a nurse, educator, and researcher, and was the CFO/CEO of an engineering firm for 20 years.

We cannot afford more ad hoc changes that benefit some to the detriment of others, and require expensive bandaids to fix..

We need you to come forward, get involved, email.