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Linda Watt

Independent for West Vancouver Council


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submitted to West Vancouver's elections office by the candidate

I am an energetic community advocate and long-time resident of Horseshoe Bay, a community that I love and am proud to call home. My sons went to Gleneagles, then Rockridge, and like me, became creatures of the mountains and ocean. Through years of volunteer work and community advocacy, I have demonstrated a passion for improving the lives of the residents of West Vancouver.

I grew resilient through my travels at street level in countless countries across the globe and a lengthy career in film and television. I come from a world where clear communication is paramount and the management of diverse personalities, onerous timelines and budgets under rapidly changing parameters is vital to the success of a project.

I am acutely aware that should you elect me to Council my footprint will have a lasting impact on future generations. Anyone in the position to make decisions and impact the future of this precious corner of the universe must understand that what’s done can never be undone