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Dave Stevenson

Independent for West Vancouver School Board (incumbent)

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Hello I am Dave Stevenson. I am a lifetime resident. I have served 29 years on the West Vancouver Board of Education. I am a college administrator. I am committed to public education and this community. I ask for your vote on October 15th.

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Dave Stevenson has been on the West Vancouver School Trustee for 29 years,

showing leadership and direction to manage and improve our excellent schools over those years. He has a deep genuine commitment to our community 

He is a lifetime community member.  He and his five children are proud graduates of WVSS and Rockridge.  Dave believes “it is all about making it work for our students” and has been an active and dedicated voice building our community. 

Dave has a long history of working in community and social services agencies and currently is a post-secondary administrator. He understand the next step after our students graduate and take on the opportunities for higher education in the many diverse options that now exist for all students to create their future.

Next term he will continue his strong tradition of working to create a strong effective working board of education for our community, advocating for programs that meet our unique challenges with innovative solutions, focusing on advocacy for budget funding  that meet the needs of our students and working with public transit in expanding school bus options for secondary students would reduce traffic congestion in our community.