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Rosalie Sawrie

Independent for North Cowichan Mayor


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I’m running for Mayor of North Cowichan because we need leadership that brings people together and ensures their perspectives are heard by council. By working together, we can make progress on our most difficult challenges.

I was elected onto North Cowichan Council in 2018. In that role I sat at the Our Cowichan Health Network, Cowichan Community Policing & Engagement Society, Cowichan Community Centre Commission tables and am a member of the Public Engagement Committee. 

I’ve also served as Deputy Mayor for eight months and attended the UBCM, LGLA, AVICC and FCM conferences. I'm a director of the Vancouver Island Regional Library Board.

I strongly believe that we need to collaborate and work together both in government and in the community. I know that I have the skills and experience to set the stage for collaborative leadership both at the Council table and in the community through respectful dialogue, sound governance and decisive decision making. 

Additionally, I have 15 years of community building and engagement experience on environmental, housing and poverty issues.

Reason for running

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My top priority as Mayor of North Cowichan is to find balance between the housing we desperately need while protecting the green spaces we all love.

Housing across the spectrum is needed in all areas of North Cowichan and across the Region including for our most vulnerable, for busy families, employed youth, for our elders who need to downsize, and for single parents and adults. 

Housing is needed to support our small businesses who need workers, to support better healthcare because doctors can’t move here without housing. Climate disruption, mental health issues, the toxic drug crisis, economic stability, reliable healthcare – all have one thing in common, they all require housing.  

This will require collaboration with all levels of government while we work on improving our development approval processes and ensure we preserve and improve upon our environment and natural assets. 

We need to support agriculture as they face the challenges of climate change and need to find ways to be efficiently prepared for droughts and flooding as well as fire prevention.