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Bruce Findlay

Independent for North Cowichan Council
I want North Cowichan to be a safe community, providing housing options for all, with economic opportunities & a supportive, open local government. I want North Cowichan to be the community people think of when they ask "which community should I invest in, or raise my kids in?"


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I was born in Scotland, moved to Canada in 1973 and have lived in 4 provinces. I earned a BBA degree from UPEI, moved to Calgary, and finally to Vancouver Island in 2021. I am a developer & business owner, looking to use my skills to help push our community forward, for all.

Reason for running

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We need housing NOW. As a developer, I know how to meet that need with different housing types. I believe our property taxes are too high & we need to find efficienices. I believe in sustainable resource development, safe streets, community engagement & accessibility for all

I am an unusual candidate:

  • I am a business owner, a real estate developer & a soon-to-be constructor of an all-ages accessible playground at Fuller Lake.
  • I live in Crofton, work out of Maple Bay, own property in Chemainus (plus my oldest boys go to Chemainus High) and have significant business relationships in the South End.
  • I can read & understand financial statements intimately.
  • I write legal contracts for a living.
  • I solve problems daily, between employees, customers & business partners. I find solutions in all aspects of my businesses. I have dealt with the best of the best and the worst of the worst.
  • I have a special needs daughter, with an extremely rare genetic disorder, so I am an advocate for those less fortunate and refuse to quit until I get answers or get the job done