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Lindsey R Hall

Independent for Penticton Council
I am driven by the concerns and desires of the citizens.
City council is a board that must work for the interests of the citizen majority, irregardless of our personal opinions.

Democracy is ‘majority rule’


submitted by the candidate or their team
Born in Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canadian army officer.
Mechanical engineer and designer
Electronic Technician.
NORAD radician
Independent business owner in Penticton since 2001
Proven advocate for community issues.

Growing up in a tough, blue collar neighbourhood, I learned survival diplomacy and how to work hard from an early age. I also spent a lot of time on my grandparents’ farm in northwest Ontario.

I raced competition motocross before entering university to study engineering. I worked in anything from cleaning to construction, maintenance and, well, anything I could to pay for my education.

I have taken oaths to defend the constitution and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms:

Having been elected to student council and able to motivate my peers, one of my professors invited me to join the Canadian army as an officer. After completing engineering, I chose to leave my post and pursue my engineering career when I could.

In 1989 I was invited to work for NORAD because of my army and engineering experiences. I became a radar and communication technician and received a class secret security clearance with the Canadian and American governments in 1990.

I met my wife in Kiev, Ukraine at the beginning of 1992. (I joke that I stalled the Cold War by marrying the enemy). Through the 1990s I excelled in engineering, but we grew weary of the Winnipeg climate.

Julia and I moved to Penticton with young children in December 2001 and have run our successful business here since. (Together for 30 years, she says I’m still in training).

Our children grew here, still live here, and we are now grandparents to three lovely girls.

Reason for running

submitted by the candidate or their team
1. I listen to citizens opinions
2. I bring ideas and pose solutions.
3. I inform people of issues.
4. I make responsible decisions
5. I give credit where it is due.

I ran for Penticton city council in 2008. Penticton got a very good council that year. I’ve been asked to run again ever since….

In 2011, I led a campaign to secure a referendum on the prison issue. We did not want to see this community devalued and degraded with a prison.

I was the lone opponent on the panel, but we won our referendum and kept the prison out of Penticton.

I accepted nominations to run for council this year with pleasure. The citizens know the challenges facing our community now and they want a council that will listen to them and work for their best interests.

Penticton is the corporation, the citizens are the shareholders and council is the board of directors.

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