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Helena Konanz

Independent for Penticton Council


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Helena has had a very interesting career, including receiving an undergraduate degree from UCLA, a Master's degree from UBC Okanagan, working as a tennis professional and for Nike, as a former city councillor, a business coach and mother of two.

Helena graduated from UCLA and travelled the world as a professional tennis player, achieving a top 100 world ranking. After finishing her tennis career, Helena went on to work for NIKE at their world headquarters in Portland Oregon, where she met her future husband, Adam. They married and eventually moved to Penticton where they raised their children, Zakary and Zoe. 

Their business, Konanz Chiropractic Centre, recently celebrated its 27th anniversary. Helena was elected to Penticton City Council from 2011-2018 and represented the city on the board of the Regional District of Okanagan Similkameen (RDOS), the Southern Interior Local Government Association (SILGA), the Southern Interior Municipal Employers Association (SIMEA), and was council liaison to many organizations including the Penticton Industrial Development Association and the Penticton Chamber of Commerce. 

Helena attained her master’s degree at UBC Okanagan in Political Science in Fall, 2018. She has since worked as a small business coach for Community Futures. She has won seven national Canadian masters tennis championships and spent nearly a decade volunteering as a coach for the Penticton Secondary School Tennis Team. She is currently on the board of the Penticton Chamber of Commerce and Sunrise Rotary Club.

Reason for running

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I have had unique experiences in my life that allow me to make informed and mature decisions when it comes to policy making that set me apart from the other candidates.

Penticton is in a crisis situation when it comes to crime and housing and if elected I will focus on these pressing issues. My unique experiences include the fact that I was I was a city councillor from 2011 to 2018 with an educational experience that includes an undergraduate degree from UCLA and a master’s degree from UBC Okanagan. I am a former professional and national championship tennis player, which shows I have the energy to work hard on any difficult issue coming forward. I have worked for large companies such as Nike, and yet I understand the difficult work it is to run a small business, as we have run our own small clinic here in Penticton for the past 27 years. I’m a professional coach; I volunteered for the Penticton Secondary School tennis team for a decade and work on contract with Community Futures as a business coach. But most importantly, I know how to listen to the people of Penticton, which is the most important aspect of being an effective city councillor.