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Owen Haward

Independent for Penticton Mayor
My vision is to make Penticton the most pleasant city in Canada to live, work, play or visit. I would better support the Firefighters, Police and Health Care workers and organizations. I would create the most effective Homeless/Mental Health/Addiction support system in Canada.

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I am a married father of 3 young adults establishing careers in Tourism, Nursing and Trades. Semi-retired Curling Ice Maker preceded by work in Education, Trades and Transportation. Home owner in Penticton for 10 years. Lived in all western Provinces and worked on 4 continents.

Reason for running

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Penticton deserves better governance! The families, businesses, non-profits, volunteers and workers are doing their part but the past 2 councils have not served the people well! I'm an everyday Pentictonite who wants to put some common sense into City Hall!