This is a page from the 2022 BC Local General Elections.

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Alexa Loo

ONE for Richmond Council (incumbent)

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submitted to Richmond's elections office by the candidate

As a lifelong competitor and two-time Olympian, I am always looking for improvement. We have a great community with wonderful facilities, and people who care about Richmond and each other. We can be even better. I commit to improving Indigenous relations and improving accessibility.

As a CPA, CA, I’m always keeping my eye on the bottom line to keep taxes low, while delivering programs and growing our public spaces.

As a mother and a daughter, safety of our children and our parents is always top of mind: ensuring that our police and fire have the right resources to respond to calls appropriately, and ensuring our people, homes, businesses and heritage are protected from floods. As a two term Councillor, I have consistently voted for the programs and voted for the budgets that actually pay for the staff, equipment, training and raising of the dikes that will keep us all safe.