This is a page from the 2022 BC Local General Elections.

Rahim Othman

Civic engagement, data, science and experience drive the polices Rahim stands for and support. When elected, his goal is to present Richmondites in all parts of Richmond and work with all stakeholders collaboratively to bring solutions to everyday challenges and hardships.

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Housing & Homelessness


Rahim Othman's policy

Support Rent-to-Own Housing Initiatives

Work with federal/provincial governments and developers to build rent-to-own initiatives/programs which would help owning a residential property more affordable and achievable.

Most homebuyers need a mortgage to finance the purchase of a new house. To qualify, you must have a good credit score and cash for a down payment. Without these, the traditional route to homeownership may not be an option.

There is an alternative, however: a rent-to-own agreement, in which you rent a home for a certain amount of time after which you will have the option to turn your paid rent to go into down-payment to buying the property.

Property Taxes

Rahim Othman's policy

Keep Municipal Taxes Low

During the pandemic in 2021, a year that was difficult for many people financially, the City of Richmond raised property taxes by almost %5.7 which was the highest in the Lower Mainland and the highest in more than a decade of history of the City.

RCCA proposes budget reset every new term to scrutinize city funds more efficiently and transparently without resorting to automatic tax hikes.

Local Government & Democracy

Youth Engagement

Rahim Othman's policy

Support initiatives to increase youth engagement in civic affairs

Public Safety & Policing

Non-Police-Based Public Safety

Rahim Othman's policy

Promote the Broadmoor Neighborhood Safety Program

The Broadmoor Neighbourhood Safety Program was a grassroots local initiative that drastically helped reduce crime in the Broadmoor area of Richmond. The City should look to see how it can support good initiatives like this that increase public safety, and perhaps encourage their development in other neighbourhoods.


Rahim Othman's policy

Adapt the Richmond Community Protocol Responding to Racism & Hate

Safe and healthy communities are a concern for all community members, including service providers and governments. This protocol acts as a mechanism for the quick assessment and responsive action towards incidents of hate crime and/or hate motivated incidents.

The Richmond Community Protocol is designed to help organizations, community members and all relevant stakeholders react promptly and effectively whenever critical incidents of racism, hate crime or related incidents occur. This protocol is designed to guide both how stakeholders work with each other to coordinate organizational approaches to dealing with racism and hate crime, and also, how individual organizations and community members support victims of racism and hate crime in day-to-day situations.\_v4.pdf

Misc. topics

Local Economy

Rahim Othman's policy

Implement Consumption Voucher to Stimulate Local Economy

In the first 11 months of the pandemic, we lost over 17,000 jobs in the city. By injecting $7.8-million into the economy, we’ll bring $40-million back economically.

Under the proposed plan, each Richmond household will receive a $100 voucher. These vouchers can only be spent on business in Richmond and are valid for three months.

The idea of a consumption voucher was recommended by Canadian economist and Nobel Laureate Robert Mundell as a means to stimulate the economy and has had success in countries including Australia, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and China.

Using the economic concept of multiplier effect—the idea that money received is then re-spent multiple times - it’s estimated that the plan would ultimately boost the local economy by $40-million.

This kind of spending plan is especially helpful to industries that have been hardest hit by the pandemic, including dining and entertainment, and is most effective when the economy is picking up.

Funding for the proposed program can easily come from the city’s reserves. Richmond has over $1.25-billion in reserve, including uncommitted funds of $528-million in cash. Richmond also received $9.30-million from the provincial government for COVID-19 response.


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Rahim is an engineer and professional project manager with public & private sectors both nationally & internationally. He is passionate in serving the community & public interest. He has volunteered with many of organizations & societies and contributed to many civic initiatives.

Rahim moved to Richmond almost 20 years ago. His family grew in the city since all of his children were born in Richmond. Shortly after becoming Richmondite, He volunteered with the Richmond Engagement Civic Network (RCEN) and shortly became a Co-Convener. RCEN partnered with the City of Richmond in a number of programs to increase civic engagement (Study Circles) and inter-culture harmony (the pilot program for Doors Open Richmond on No. 5 Road). He has also participated in inter-faith dialogues project led by RMCS.

Rahim was a Cultural Advisor volunteer as part of the Cultural Awareness Training for Richmond staff. Rahim was also a board member of Cinevolution Media Arts Society (is a grassroots, women-led, migrant-driven film and media arts organization). He was also a volunteer with other organizations including Richmond Football Club (RFC), Scouts Canada, Parent Advisory Committees and others. On top of that, he volunteered with political parties and campaigns for several candidates over the last 15 years.

Professionally, Rahim is a technology engineer and professional project manager with both private and public sectors experience, nationally and internationally. He led large scale projects and programs over the years and is well recognized for his successes. Check his LinkedIn profile:

Some of what people have said about Rahim:

"He always impressed with his efficiency, attention to detail, work ethic and friendly demeanour"

"He showed tremendous care about the community, and worked on many fronts to improve the civil society. I found him to be very open to new ideas and respectful for differences. He has strong analytic skills and is willing to express his critical views about public affairs"

"Rahim´s problem solving skills enable him to focus on finding solutions as well as looking for methods for avoiding and addressing similar problems in the future"

"Working with Rahim was just fantastic [...] he has very good people skills"

"Rahim is a very experienced, knowledgeable and detail-oriented engineer with extraordinary project management skills. He has always been initiative, proactive and responsive to all stakeholders effectively"

"Rahim has a zest for life and has a variety of interests. He can relate to people in many ways and on many levels"

Rahim is a father and active community member who cares deeply about the community and his home, Richmond!

Reason for running

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Rahim cares deeply about his home, Richmond and about his fellow Richmondites! He has seen the City grow and go through a lot of changes & challenges. Rahim has the knowledge, skills, experience & passion to work with stakeholders to bring creative solutions to complex issues.

Rahim fell in love with Richmond since it became his home almost two decades ago. He has seen the City grow as well as his family grew in it. He has seen the City go through a lot of challenges and turbulence. At the same he and his family enjoyed its facilities, events and participated in many of its programs.

The pandemic was an unusual turbulence to the City (and the world). Life became more difficult and challenges have increased.

Richmondites & local businesses are suffering from the pandemic's negative impact. Rahim brings with him the knowledge, experience and skills to enhance the quality of living for them. The current council failed Richmondites during the pandemic and was not able to cope with the challenges that people were going through. For example, Council approved the highest property tax increase in decades of about %5.7 during pandemic. Rahim is running to represent and advocate for Richmondites & local businesses in the City Council by working with stakeholders at all levels. He is running with RCCA - Richmond Community Coalition on a platform that is action-oriented and solutions-focused to address the complex issues facing our Richmond Community.

Uncertainty and anxiety surrounding affordability is a matter concerning many residents and businesses in Richmond. Rahim believes that RCCA has real solutions to create affordable housing, and support a thriving economy that empowers residents to live and work locally.

Rahim is passionate in public service and is committed to work with stakeholders at all levels representing and advocating for all Richmondites.

Vote for Rahim Othman and the Richmond Community Coalition (RCCA) team on October 15 (or on the advance voting days of Oct 1, 5, 6, 7, 8) to be your representatives and advocates in City Council.