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Chai Chung

Independent for Richmond Council

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Hello Everyone, I am a proud Canadian wanting to give back to my community by running to be a Richmond City Councillor and my name is Chai Chung!

As a proud Canadian and single mother of two, I have persevered through hardships and juggling the roles of being a daughter, mother, sister, friend and being a helping hand in the community. I have always given, for more than 10 plus years, I have donated 8-10 inches of my hair to various organizations to make wigs for the ones in need such as Cancer patients and children with hair loss; I have donated blood 14 times, will continue to donate and am proud that both my kids also donated when they were eligible to; I have volunteered my time here and there to the community and to people in need. For the first time since my kids were born, I find myself with time I can give more of to society and my community. What better way to give back than to care for the well being of our people in the city of Richmond?