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Sacheen Collecutt

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I have lived in Kelowna for 16 years & have witnessed the deterioration of our city, residents are unheard with their concerns. Many Kelowna citizens find themselves in survival mode, fearing for the safety of their loved ones & for their future, we cannot ignore our community.

As a holistic mental health counselor, I know that being in survival mode causes excess stress which is highly destructive to the nervous system. This is scientifically proven to trigger physical and mental health issues. These stressors will affect the community negatively by increasing poverty, homelessness, health issues & addiction, by adding a greater burden for the devoted professionals in our health care system and essential services.

I am confident that the significance of my actions for change will resonate with the people of Kelowna.

Reason for running

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Kelowna is in crisis - homelessness, opioid epidemic, crime & lack of affordable housing are paramount to creating a safe and sustainable community. We have to prioritize our citizens and it won't be done at a governmental level, it's up to us.
It's time to heal our community!

A trained Mental Health professional for over 15 years, I have been advocating for the vulnerable at risk population; mental illness, homelessness and addiction that are intrinsically linked to our soaring crime rates. As a Kelowna, I have been actively involved in a variety of roles with Crossroads, John Howard Society, NOW Canada, Access Resources, OMHSS, and CMHA. I have grown to understand there are far too many gaps within our broken and ineffective system that require our immediate attention and solutions.