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Daniel Joseph

Independent for Kelowna Council

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I'm far from the smartest person in the room. What truly defines my character isn’t my accomplishments, it's how I've learned to build respect & trust with the people in my life. I may not be the most qualified candidate, but will work tirelessly to earn your trust and respect.

You've probably seen me running around serving Blizzards at Dairy Queen over the last ten years! Before that I was in commercial office furniture, where I spent almost a decade in a range of support, marketing, sales and management roles. My career in management and business development presided over $15 million worth of direct-sales, ranging from small-business to government and private enterprise. I've always been entrepreneurial, and apart from owning/operating small businesses, have been involved in creative and social projects for years.

Reason for running

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We're 10 years behind on homeless, rising crime, traffic congestion and facing an affordability crisis.

Our priority should be smarter zoning. City council should adopt a comprehensive zoning strategy to address a number of issues the city faces in terms of development. 

With respect to residential zoning, the city of Kelowna made a well-intentioned decision to increase inventory with rezoning efforts, and broad RU7 zoning was a great economic stimulus! However four-plexes that are effectively 1-2 units of additional housing each, drive up real estate prices and do little to help with the inventory crisis.

The solution requires a much more nuanced approach. Current RU7 zoning should be revisited and RM5/RM6 considered to foster the development of low to mid-rise, 4-6 storey, wood-frame housing complexes. All new developments should take into account liveability such as tree canopy, walkable neighbourhoods and access to alternative transportation.

Commercial and industrial zoning must be modernized to adapt to current trends and standards, such as larger, more effective distribution centres.

Our current transit infrastructure has been at capacity for over 10 years. Improved connectivity is necessary, whether it's increasing our bus fleet, routes and frequency; planning to twin the bridge and create an alternative bypass or transit corridor through Kelowna; or re-engineering the intersecting roads along Harvey (hwy 97) to free up congestion in the short-term. The city of Kelowna needs to not only work on improved connectivity, but alternative transit such as the UBCO hydrail project. This is existing, proven technology that could be implemented at relatively low cost in the Okanagan Valley with high ridership attractiveness.

This city council must involve the public, investigate all options, and take action immediately to implement a short-term and long-term strategy addressing the serious infrastructure deficit in our transportation capacity.